LabRadar Chronograph

LabRadar is a personal Doppler Radar, giving you the most precise projectile velocities available without the limitations and frustrations of traditional chronographs.

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LabRadar Chronograph Overview

  • Easy Set Up - Place LabRadar beside the shooter, point towards the target and you’re ready to go.

  • Maximum Velocity, Minimum Velocity, Average Velocity, Standard Deviation, Extreme Spread.

  • Actual velocities at various distances, up to 100 yards.

  • Accurate with subsonic, transonic, supersonic projectiles.

  • Works in any light conditions.

  • No Shooting through a small confined window.

  • Records virtually unlimited number of shots and shot series.

  • Download data to a PC.

  • Accurate to 0.1%.

  • Uses 6 AA type batteries. Can also be powered from an external USB power pack.

  • 1 year warranty.

  • Tripod mountable.

LabRadar was developed by Infinition Inc of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Infinition has been the industry leader in Doppler Radar Technology since 1996 with products being used by defense agencies all over the world. Infinition Inc. has unique expertise in Ballistic Instrumentation Radar Systems and highly sophisticated software for the capture and processing of a ballistic event. High quality innovative products and services, timely delivery and superior customer support have all contributed to gaining customers and establishing our solid worldwide reputation. Our radar systems include the most complex long range multiple target tracking systems to small laboratory range applications capturing tiny projectiles at ultra high velocities. From this technology the creation of LabRadar was developed for everyday use by individuals.

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