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A bullet file is the exact physical model of the projectile that includes the bullet's mass properties, aerodynamic moments and Doppler Radar determined drag coefficients. By having the exact shape and mass distribution of the bullet along with the aerodynamic moments and drag coefficients for that specific bullet, 4DOF can accurately model the dynamic flight characteristics and provide an incredibly accurate trajectory solution. This exact modeling of the projectile allows us to predict drop, wind drift, projectile Gyroscopic Stability Factor (Sg) as a function of range, yaw of repose and corresponding prediction of spin drift, aerodynamic jump due to a cross wind, and limit cycle yaw at extended ranges due to Magnus effects.

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Please see this guide:

Kestrel 5700 with Hornady 4DOF Downloads

Quick tutorial on how to create and transfer gun profiles for Kestrel Hornady 5700 4DOF units

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